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Terms Of Agreement

*We do not accept Health Insurance*

$75 Consultation Fee

$50 Follow-up Consultation Fee

$100 Lab Interpretation Fee

*Treatment plan will be individualized for each patient based on several factors including clinical judgment, subjective and objective data, and physical exam findings.

*Prescribed medications/supplements/hormones may differ for each patient.

*Injectable hormones/peptides/B-12 injections, when included in subscription, may not be used on each patient

*Treatment length will vary for each patient.

*GLP-1 inhibitors and peptides may require purchase of a subscription package

*Subscription packages are not intended to replace your primary care provider or other specialty providers, you should still continue your regular visits in conjunction with Restore Health & Aesthetics' services

*Laboratory orders will be provided and it is recommended your blood is drawn at Quest Diagnostics as pricing has been negotiated. In the event that your insurance does not cover the cost you will be responsible for any out of pocket expenses.

*Some treatments may be viewed by the FDA and mainstream medical community as controversial or unnecessary.  

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