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Kristen Hillier, NP

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Treatment Solutions

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B-12 injections, NAD+, Glutathione, MOTS-C to help you return to your more vivacious self.

Improve the look of your skin with aesthetic injections that help reduce aging, laxity and promote enhancement of your body contours.

We will develop a medically supervised weight loss program tailored to your specific needs, which includes diet and exercise counseling.



Hormone levels in our bodies decline as we age in both men and women. Daily life stressors and genetics can also play a role in depleting hormones prematurely causing weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, anxiety, depression, low libido and more.  Hormone imbalances are identified and treated using quality natural supplements, hormones, lifestyle and nutritional modification recommendations.  

Are you looking to enhance your athletic performance, feel younger, lose those extra pounds, or recover from workouts or injuries in less time? Peptide therapy utilizes natural, effective, and non-invasive supplements to decrease inflammation, help with healing, promote weight loss, hair growth, and assist in anti-aging. Peptide therapy assists in your overall health and wellness, and is an effective addition to your health plan.

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About Us

We believe that true health goes beyond the absence of illness. It encompasses a state of complete well-being, vitality, and self-confidence. With this philosophy in mind, we offer a wide range of services designed to help you achieve optimal health and unleash your inner radiance. Whether you're looking to lose weight, improve athletic performance, recover from an injury or surgery, boost your energy levels, or enhance your appearance and youthful vitality, our team of skilled practitioners is dedicated to providing you with top-quality care. We offer various aesthetic procedures to enhance your look and have you feeling amazing.

Service Hours

Whether you require support, have inquiries, or need assistance with our products or services, our team is ready to assist you during the following service hours:

Monday - Saturday

9am to 7pm (Danvers location)

Find Out More

Read through our blog posts dedicated to sharing news, research, and success stories on topics relevant to our medical practices.

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Real Customers

"I have been seeing Kristen for Botox over the past year. I am incredibly happy with my results! Her location is easy to get to. The facility is immaculate. Its environment is welcoming. She is extremely knowledgeable. She takes her time with you to find out what results you are looking for. She is an excellent listener & has always achieved what I am trying to accomplish. She communicates exactly what she will be doing so you have a clear understanding of what to expect. I am a huge fan!"
- Daryl

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235 Newbury St.

Danvers, MA 01923



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